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Like a lot of ideas, Printspirationals was born out of my need for something that didn’t exist. I wanted to encourage my son when he was facing some challenges, but I knew my own words would fall flat.


So…I decided to print an encouraging quote to hang on his bathroom mirror.


And that is when the idea light bulb went off in my head:


Shouldn’t encouraging/motivational/inspirational/scriptural words always be present in our home?


Wouldn’t we ALL benefit from a regular rotation of truth, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration?


How awesome would it be if I could have a stash of awesome, powerful, positive quotes that are ready on hand for the less than a dime that I can change out around my home to love on and encourage my people (and myself for that matter)?


Printspirationals are designed to inspire, motivate, and spread the love. You can download and immediately print them to tape to a mirror, add to a lunchbox, or any one of these 10 ideas to add some Printspiration to the world.



10 Random Things About Me


1. My favorite Bible verse is “Be Still and Know that I am God.” The night my mom died, the preacher from my parents’ church came to their house. I was 25 and totally annoyed by the prospect of sitting with this man to hear platitudes about how good God is. We all held hands and the preacher spoke these words and I’m telling you this: with all my heart, mind, and soul I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence in that room and I have never forgotten it. #teamjesus


2. I have been married for almost 2 decades and am a mom to a teen girl and a tween boy. These people have taught me more about love and grace and sanctification than anyone else in the whole world and I would lay down on the tracks for them in a heartbeat.


3. I would tell you that I’m not really an animal person, but it was my daughter’s biggest ever dream come true to get a dog, so we now have a Maltipoo named Bear. He is like a cute little stuffed animal incarnate and I honestly can’t get over the loyalty and unconditional love he shows. I call him my Vitamin P (pet) and to me he is the best dog in the world.


4. #personalityquizjunkie

I’m a Myer’s Briggs #infj, Enneagram Type 1w9, Strengthsfinder Strengths: Input, Learner, Empathy, Intellection, Connectedness, and Individualization (this is 6 strengths where most people only have 5… this is because I took the test 2 different times several years apart…see #personalityquizjunkie above) (you can get your own personality quiz fix here:, , and – I love to know people’s personality info, so feel free to e-mail me at to share!).


5. I love a sauna, sitting in the steam room, a long bath, a good book, a massage, a facial…basically restful pampering in warm spaces is my love language. I have a totally impractical and somewhat embarrassing goal to get a sauna in my house. This is happening.


6. I’m a professional shopper. Really. I went to Cornell’s Hotel School and worked in sales and meeting planning after I graduated. After my daughter was born, I stayed home with her and spent a decade with many false starts and failed pursuits in an effort to be a stay at home mom who could keep the homefires burning and still make money and/or participate in the workforce .  After a pretty solid string of failures, I took a break and just embraced that the role God seemed to want me to have was a good wife and mom of the year award contender…even though my kids were in school full time. And then…in a bizarre twist of surrendered fate, I feel like God totally put Amazon’s FBA program in my hand. I’ve been doing it for several years and it may last another week or another decade for me, but I can’t think of it without thinking of it as an answer to prayer since I can still do mom stuff and not quit my blogging daydreams. If this may also be your answer to prayer, you can learn more about it here.


7. I’m like a Christian Hippie Wannabe –  I’m all into meditation, walking around barefoot, and the medicinal power of plants, but admit to being plenty conformed to Suburbia, TX and the land of mega-churches, botox, and the occasional skinny margarita.


8. I’m a foodie at heart and I believe in my core of cores in the power of food as medicine (although I also believe in my core of cores that french fries are delicious. Some things are complicated).  I totally embrace the fact that Jesus drank wine (as do most of the longest living people on earth as revealed in the Blue Zones book – holla’). My eating style is best described as a Cyclical-Intermittent-KetoPalegan-Pro-Coffee-Wino. #youdoyou


9. Biggest pet peeve? Technical Difficulties. My dad was an engineer…as in he built power plants. My eyes cross and I’m pretty sure part of my soul dies anytime I have to assemble/build/repair…anything.  #notmygift


10. I believe every person is born with God given gifts, talents, aptitudes and interests to live on a mission for good. 


I also believe our own thoughts, flesh, and fears can be our greatest barriers to Carpé-ing our diems and making the impact we were designed to make. My hope is that these products will be a starting point – or at least a regular reminder – to train our brains (down with the stinkin’ thinking’), love our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit (as in really love them and care for them and not feed them crap or say mean things about them in the mirror), and live inspired (which literally means in-spirit and is basically the whole point of everything if want to do anything in our lives that has eternal significance…it also means we have to tell our flesh and fear who is boss). Because when we feel better, we do better, and make the world better. 🙂 #spreadthelove